On Call Order Policy

Last Updated On 01-01-2023

  • First of all customer can Call our Number +91 9114911433 for placeing order.
  • On WhatsApp/ Teligram also accept the order.
  • After placed order we need payment screenshort on WhatsApp/ Teligram (For Verifying the details)
  • If the customer cancelled the order, We facilitate that customer can get his/ her refund money on his bank account.
  • That helps the customer for getting instant refund.
  • After getting refund , if any customer complain on Getway service.
  • First of all we are permanently remove his/her data from our database and also flag this type of customer as a froud/Spam.
  • We are not accepting on-call order because some froud miss use our service.
  • You Can order through our website & if customer cancell the order then the refund amount will transfer the orginal payment source.(Not in Bank Account)
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